NicaVio is a family-owned, vertically integrated coffee supplier specializing in both green and roasted coffee from Central America.

We're passionate about coffee and making a positive impact on coffee communities. Our operations at origin are more than just a business platform, they are a means of connecting farmers with global markets - helping them reach new heights and provide for their families- while offering the world a premium cup of coffee.

Our presence at origin and strong partnerships with local farmers enable us to supply high-quality coffee to small, medium, and large retail chains, ensuring consistent product quality from crop to crop.



    Our mission is to ethically source exceptional specialty coffee while uplifting the livelihoods of coffee farmers and promoting environmental sustainability.


    Our vision is to provide global consumers with high-quality, traceable, and ethically sourced coffee that transcends the boundaries of exclusivity, making it accessible to all.


With extensive expertise spanning the entire supply chain, from farm to cup, we deliver high-quality and ethically sourced coffee to all.

With every cup of our coffee, you can taste the care and dedication that goes into each step of the process. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious, traceable cup of coffee, and we are committed to bringing this experience to consumers around the world.

  • Nicavio Specialty Coffee
  • Together with our partners at origin, we are able to:

    • Source our coffee straight from the producer
    • Process coffee through our partner mills guaranteeing complete traceability
    • Roast our coffee at Origin to yield higher margins for all
    • Export anywhere in the world from Central America or the U.S

    From specialty micro-roasters to large retail stores, we cater to every need: from a pallet to a container – or more!

Coffee Farmer Central America


Our unique approach to procuring, processing, and roasting at origin gives us a competitive edge and margin advantage – all while prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices throughout our supply chain and forging close partnerships with farmers and cooperatives.