NicaVIO Specialty Coffee

NicaVIO LLC is an American company committed to the coffee industry in Central America! Our operations at origin serve as a platform that helps connect small and medium-sized producers with markets across the globe. NIcaVIO takes great pride in being vertically integrated throughout the coffee value chain. We are qualified to supply large retail chains or your typical micro-roastery, all while maintaining product homogeneity from crop to crop! 

We bring quality, traceable coffee to the North American consumer's table.

  • Coffee Harvest 2022 - 2023

    Sajonia Estate Coffee

  • Buena Vista Farm | Gerald Luquez

    Matagalpa, Nicaragua

  • Los Altiplanos Farm | Ricardo Cuadra

    Jinotega | Matagalpa

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 At  Origin we provide our business partners (farmers) pre-harvest technical support, financing for pre-harvest expenses at lower than market rates and offer price differentiation for quality on their coffee. Once our farmers have harvested their Green Coffee Beans NicaVIO takes control and sun dries, mills, exports to a green room near you.

Our Plus!

We carry multiple variety’s of green coffee, Need a blend? Sure, we can custom blend for you or profile match your existing blend, Interested in becoming a distributor? Sure, we can set you up.Traceable honest coffee. We help our people, no matter what.

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America's Selection Coffee

America's Selection is the coffee brand that represents the culture of an entire continent, we promote the empowerment of producers and the people responsible for handling your coffee. Our mission is to create long-term relationships based on honesty and great-tasting traceable coffee