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A journey to uncover exceptional quality in coffee

A journey to uncover exceptional quality in coffee

  • We interviewed Jacinto Zamora, Our Quality Control Expert, who shared his story of passion and dedication to find our finest brews.


At NicaVio we believe that the key to guaranteeing high-quality coffee is collaborating with passionate people throughout the chain. Besides working closely with exceptional farmers to source the best coffee beans, we also base our success on the expertise of our Quality department at our dry mill. The dedication of our team guarantees that we can always offer the same extraordinary taste experience, harvest after harvest throughout our entire range of products.

One particular team member from our Quality department has a very special place in our hearts for his passion for coffee and incredible skills as a coffee cupper. Jacinto Zamora joined our team five years ago as our Responsible for Quality Control and in 2021 reached an incredible milestone by obtaining the Q Grader Certification. This special accreditation was an incredible testament to the commitment of Jacinto and a remarkable success for our team in terms of knowledge of product quality, analysis of flavor profiles, and consistency through evaluation.

Jacinto’s journey in coffee started when he was very young. After finishing his shifts in the drying patios, his curiosity and drive to learn led him to spend his afternoons in the cupping room, where he started to learn all the basics of the sensory evaluation of green coffee. After twenty years of experience, Jacinto has cultivated a refined palate that can effortlessly distinguish even the most intricate flavors. At our dry mill, during the harvest season, he evaluates up to 50 samples each day, solidifying his position as an unrivaled expert on the wide array of varieties we proudly provide!

This expertise is also reflected in his contributions to showcasing Nicaragua’s high-quality coffee internationally. “I get a deep sense of pride when I see Nicaraguan coffee receive the same scores that I gave” reveals. This shared common language benefits communication with our partners in terms of quality and access to markets.

Through his work, Jacinto has made a positive impact not only by improving the company’s processes but also on the lives of the producers we work with. “One of our producers is a winner of the contest Taza de la Excelencia (Cup of Excellence of Nicaragua), this makes us very proud because it means that with our skill set, we can help choose the best from the best”. He shares that the key to an excellent cupping session is having a high sensory memory, giving objective and concise answers and concentration, in his words “being alone one with the coffee”. During his sessions, he grades aroma (sweet or fruity), body (caffeine concentration), as well as viscosity.

His favorite coffee is sweet, with a complex body and a Swiss chocolate aftertaste. From our 2024 offering, he highly recommends the coffee from our producer Ricardo Cuadra, owner of Finca Los Altiplanos, situated in the heart of Matagalpa. “This Parainema variety coffee offers sweetness with honey and citrus notes, making it a standout choice” Jacinto explains.

Jacinto strongly believes in supporting farmers' sustainability through fair trade. He advocates for obtaining the best prices to ensure their well-being and secure the future of coffee. For Jacinto, coffee is not just work but also a way of life and progress, holding a significant place in his heart.

At NicaVio, we are proud to work hand in hand with Jacinto, driving our commitment to excellence and the promotion of our best coffee internationally.

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