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Celebrating the flavors of coffee

Celebrating the flavors of coffee

This year, our participation at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo was filled with excitement as we unveiled the top-scoring coffees from our Golden Coffee Attribute Competition! These exceptional coffees were selected by using our pioneering method of assessment departing from conventional grading practices and focusing on the flavors that make these cups so exceptional.

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By introducing this novel method to assess coffees we are departing from conventional grading practices to meet the evolving preferences of our clients who are selecting their coffees by the uniqueness of their flavor profiles. Our new methodology revolves around 10 specific attributes: floral, fruity, caramel, chocolate, citrusy, funky, dairy, alcoholic, nuts, herbal, and spices.

Intrigued? We invite you to explore the best selections from our lineup.


Learn more about our top 5 Golden Attribute Winners


The coffee of Byron Corrales, owner of La Bendicion, stood out featuring a blend of chocolate and caramel flavors with hints of spice and citrus. Grown in the lush Jinotega mountains of Nicaragua, this coffee under the floral category boasts fruity undertones and a smooth finish with a refreshing lime-like acidity.


Harvested at 1,300 masl in Jinotega, Nicaragua, Maria Martinez has perfected a coffee cup using an anaerobic process that is both vibrant and rich with a smooth finish. These Maragogype beans offer a fruity flavor profile that adds high notes to the coffee.


Martha Castilblanco, a trailblazer for women in coffee in Matagalpa, presents a blend from her farm Alejandrita that combines the sweetness of stewed tropical fruits with spicy, floral, and citrus notes. Nutty flavors add depth, leading to a creamy finish.


Los Pocitos' coffee, processed using the honey method, offers a bold blend of rich chocolate and vibrant citrus flavors, complemented by unique alcoholic and funky notes. Caramelized spices and a fruity finish contribute to a complex taste experience.


Byron Corrales' washed coffee from la Finca La Bendición showcases deep chocolate and sweet caramel flavors alongside a lively mix of fruit and citrus, with hints of wildflowers. A silky texture and sharp lime acidity balance the profile.

We are dedicated to collaborating with producers and honoring their dedication, resulting in exceptional tasting experiences. It was an absolute pleasure to receive so much positive feedback on these coffees at the SCA 2024!

Stay tuned for more exciting batches soon.


***We are thrilled to share our Golden Attribute microlots have sold out—but don’t worry, more amazing coffees coming soon!***

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