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We launched the first Golden Attribute Competition!

We launched the first Golden Attribute Competition!

This March, we set out to innovate the evaluation of Nicaraguan coffee by introducing a new approach that emphasizes distinct flavor profiles. Together with Sajonia Estate Coffee, our partner mill, we launched the first edition of the Golden Attribute Competition!

By introducing a pioneering method to assess coffees we are departing from conventional grading practices to focus on evaluating samples based on 10 specific attributes: floral, fruity, caramel, chocolate, citrusy, funky, dairy, alcoholic, nuts, herbal, and spices. This shift in methodology aligns with the evolving preferences of roasters who increasingly seek distinct flavor profiles.

"We are deeply passionate about fostering excellence within the coffee industry," expressed Manfred Guenkel, General Manager of Sajonia Estate Coffee. "The Golden Attribute Competition represents a unique opportunity to honor the dedication and craftsmanship of our talented producers."


A recognition for the most exceptional coffees 

Our competition featured over 100 carefully selected samples from our producers showcasing their exceptional coffees to highlight a spectrum of processing techniques and flavor profiles. A panel of 6 renowned coffee experts meticulously judged each entry based on the comprehensive set of criteria centered exclusively on coffee attributes.

[Learn more about our Quality Control Expert here]

The selected top 10 coffees can now be pre-ordered [you can contact us here!]. They will also be available at Nicavio’s booth at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) event in Chicago in April. Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to experience the pinnacle of Nicaraguan coffee excellence firsthand.

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"We are proud to showcase the exceptional talent and dedication of our producers through the Golden Attribute Competition," remarked Eduardo Arguello, General Manager of Nicavio. "Through our strong partnerships and direct presence at origin, Nicavio and Sajonia Estate Coffee are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and flavor to our customers."

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